Kids Party

How long can fresh spaghetti pasta be stretched? And how many shapes of pancakes can there be? Children are interested in all these questions – and we have the answers!
Let your little ones explore their creativity, experiment with different ingredients and textures in our safe controlled environment under the guidance of professional Chefs and facilitators. It has never been easier to give your kids a fun educational activity!
Within just three hours, your kids will get a hands-on experience of cooking dishes from scratch under the guidance of helpful Chefs.
And of course, we don’t forget the parents either! You can stay with a child during the party, we have many options to entertain you. In this case 80 RON is an extra charge.
Munch on finger food canapes with the other parents or get some refreshing drinks at our exclusive private bar. The options are endless, and we are ready to help you make sure that your event is memorable!